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AUDITION - Antigonick by Anne Carson - a Guilty by Association and Suitcase in Point Production - SummerWorks 2014 - Toronto, ON


Audition day: 06/07/2014 (Callbacks 06/08/2014)

City: Toronto

Director in attendance: Cole Lewis

Deadline to submit: 06/05/14

Design workshop dates for select cast: 07/13/14 - 07/16/14

Date production rehearsal starts: 07/21/14

Performance dates: 08/07/14 - 08/17/14

Email applications to: Cole Lewis

Contact name: Cole Lewis

Contact email:

Contact phone: 647-529-3422

Agreement: Equity Festival Contract

An inexperienced girl wants to rest her thigh against her brother’s thigh. A new leader struggles to maintain order. And a mute man meanders, measuring things. Who among them will commit an act of perfect piety?  

Anne Carson’s unconventional take on Sophocles’s Antigone reimagines a sister’s unlawful act of mourning, its horrific costs and the questions of moral responsibility it raises. 

Additional information: Actors are requested to send a photo and resume including contact information. Auditions will be by appointment only.  Actors will be contacted by the engager with an appointment time. Actors auditioning will be required to perform sides from the play that will be sent in advance of the audition.

PTP is an equal opportunity employer and encourages submissions from actors of all cultural backgrounds.  We are looking for actors whose playing range is between 12 - 100 years of age.


ANTIGONE - 20s, female, will commit an unlawful act of mourning.

CREON - 50s, male, does not want to be worsted by a woman.

NICK - Ageless, male, a mute, quietly measures the world surrounding him.

ISMENE - 20s, female, finds the courage to intervene and challenge her king.

HAIMON - 20s, male, wants to keep his love for Antigone alive.

EURYDIKE - 40s to 50s, female, bleeds from every orifice.  

TEIRESIAS - 60s to 100s to ancient, male, a blind old prophet who can hush powerful men.

GUARD - 20s to 40s, male, wants to be a free man.

MESSENGER - 20s to 30s, male or female, the bearer of bad news.

BOY - 12 - 16, male, loves candy.

5 CHORUS MEMBERS - All ages, male or female, ancient citizens who have witnessed the decay of their home.