Guilty by Association developed Anne Carson’s Antigonick for the 2014 SummerWorks Performance Festival. Carson’s text is an unconventional riff on Sophocles’s Antigone that explodes a sister's radical act of mourning and the questions of moral responsibility it raises. This is Greek tragedy smeared with red paint, tangled up in yarn, and permeated by live-handmade projections.

The show won director Cole Lewis the Theatre Centre Emerging Artist Award from SummerWorks. The Globe and Mail wrote: "Lewis is an imaginative director, and here’s hoping her fittingly anarchic and anachronistic production gets a fuller life in the future."

Photos by Reid Thompson.

Anne Carson's Antigonick was co-produced by Guilty by Association and Suitcase in Point Theatre Company. It was created by GbA's founding members Cole Lewis (director), Lauren Dubowski (dramaturg), Nicholas Hussong (projection designer), and Masha Tsimring (lighting designer), and: Andrew Anthony (performer), Brittany Brooks (illustrator), Jason Cadieux (performer), Dmitry Chepovetsky (performer), Sascha Cole (performer), Andrea Davis (performer), Sam Ferguson (sound engineer), Alex Fallis (performer), Alexa Fraser (costume designer), Sochi Fried (performer), Robert Godin (performer), Justin Goodhand (performer), Mina James (performer), Joe Lapinski (sound designer), Pippa Leslie (performer), Iris O'Neill (performer), Trent Pardy (performer), Clelia Scala (costume designer), Nicole St. Martin (performer), Joshua Stodart (performer), Reid Thompson (scenic designer), and Ted Witzel (dramaturg).